Why Rent From Us?

First Off -It’s Hassle Free

  • We carefully work with every client to establish the type of system they will need
  • We will never over sell you something more expensive than what is required
  • We have the best sounding equipment for the price, period. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say our equipment, operated by our people, sounds better than systems that will cost you twice as much from our competitors.  We’re so confident that you can’t get rent a better sound system for the same price that if you’re not 100% satisfied you don’t have to pay.
  • Trained audio tech will always deliver, set up and test your sound system.
  • All of techs look professional  and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Never be embarrassed by “The Sound Guy” again.
  • Audio tech is available for entire event if requested. 
  • We run two man teams on almost all larger system rentals. There’s always one person mixing FOH making you sound good and another watching the stage ready to spring into action if there’s trouble  and working the monitor mix.
  • 30 + years of experience micing live bands
  • Owner Scott Olewiler is also a musician and experienced public speaker. Having perfomed thousands of shows, he understands what the people on stage need because he’s been there.
  • Inexperienced speakers will be given a quick and easy to understand tutorial on how to use the microphone properly.
  • Our systems for live bands are sized right for the venue, never too big that they take up valuable stage space but always have plenty of crystal clear power so that your vocals are understood and your bass  thumps. That antiquated “wall of speakers”  the other guy has may look cool but it can negatively impact the quality of your sound. We use modern high powered speakers that provide more clean volume with less cabinets.
  • Our equipment has been especially chosen to have a smaller footprint than other systems with the same power.
  • We have multiple high quality systems available with highly skilled techs.  -That means our finest equipment is always available for you. You will never get stuck with the “leftovers” because someone else is using the “good stuff”.
  • We carry full liability insurance.
  • We do not take on jobs that are too big for us. I’d rather tell you to look elsewhere than take the job and let you down.

Best Reason – No Sound Board In the Middle Of Your Audience

  • The heart of our larger systems is the Mackie DL1608 Digital Mixer or the x32 Producer with Ipad remote control
  • This allows our audio tech to control all aspects of the sound system from anywhere in the room from an Ipad
  • No audio cables running thru the audience, no sound board set up in the middle of the room.  How cool is that?
  • The DL1608 is a fully functional 16 channel mixer the size of a small briefcase. An entire rack’s worth of effects and processing is built right in and can all be controlled from a small iPad. Every channel has a 4 band parametric EQ,a high-pass filter, a dedicated compressor, gate, digital delay and reverb. All 8 outputs have a 31 band EQ, alignment delay, compressor, 4 band parametric EQ and an adjustable slope high-pass filter.
  • The x32 is a 32 channel digital board with 16 outputs for when you need a little more. Every channel has  a ton of processing and this board can be remotely controlled with an iPad as well.
  • Ipad control allows the system to be run inconspicuously from any seat in the audience. Perfect for corporate speaking/training events and weddings.

Call or text Scott today and let’s talk (717) 318-7179     or    email   scott@4thstreetsoundrental.com

Feel free to call any of our past clients and ask them how we did.

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