Where’s the rack? How do you mix?

I imagine a lot of people visit our website expecting to see much more equipment than we show in our photos. They are used to going to a show and the sound guy is taking up a bunch of space in the audience area with a big board and a huge rack full of gear. Having the latest technology in our hands means that we no longer have to do that. In fact we don’t even need to set up a mixer at all in the audience. Every control on  our board; every knob and slider; can be controlled remotely through one of our iPads.

We can literally leave all of our equipment on the stage and can stand or sit any place in the room and mix the show. In fact, all of our mixing equipment fits in a small rack.

Allow me to illustrate with some photos:

You might be expecting to see this:

dbxdriverack rack mixer

But all we show up with is this:

DL1608_FrontSlant iPad dbxdriverack


Allow me to explain how we can properly mix you with so little equipment. The secret is the mixer itself: all the equipment you normally see in the racks is all contained inside of that little mixer. So much, that you would need to use 68 rack spaces if you were using traditional analogue equipment. Welcome to the digital age!

To make it even more understandable let me show you, in photos what you would have to buy to have all of the proceesing abilities of this little mixer. You would need to buy every piece of equipment below to equal what’s in the Mackie dl1608:


So to answer the question of where’s the rack? It’s ALL in here:  DL1608_FrontSlant

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