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Sound System Rentals For Weddings

Weddings are a unique business all in their own. They can often require multiple sound systems, special microphone requirements and of course a DJ that knows how to read a crowd. None of our services require as much pre-planning and back and forth between ourselves and our clients as much as weddings do.

4th Street Sound specializes in making sure that your special day goes off without a hitch. Whether you just need a single sound system for your ceremony or  need us to provide numerous systems, we can do it. We can even provide a “Do-It-Yourself” DJ set-up for the budget conscious. When it comes to sound for your wedding we truly are a one-stop shop.

Wedding Challenges and How We Overcome Them.

  • The Ceremony – Not everyone can hear the ceremony. The wedding ceremony itself is and intimate and sacred affair. Without a proper sound system only the front half of the congregation area can really hear what’s going on. The problem is, you want everyone to hear it, but you don’t want your ceremony to sound like it’s being broadcast over the sound system at a football stadium. We don’t want the ceremony to “sound” like a production. Putting up a sound system at the altar doesn’t fix your problem, because in order for the people in the back to hear it, it will need to be louder than is natural in the front. Our solution is to outfit the officiant with a small lavalier microphone, set up a small PA system beside the audience area, angle for the best coverage and then bring the volume up just enough so it sounds like a natural speaking volume for the entire seating area. This results in an even natural sounding volume for the entire audience area. This service is optional, of course.
  • The Toasts/Speeches –  So your DJ is set up at one end of your reception area. His system is optimized to be loud on the dance floor. That way those who wish to talk at the other end of the room can do so without shouting and those who want to, can get down on the dance floor and enjoy the music. People who don’t want to be blasted out by loud dance music are generally seated away from the DJ set-up or eventually migrate there during your reception. The problem arises when it’s time for speeches. If the speeches are being broadcast through the DJ speakers alone people at the other end will not being to hear them clearly. Our solution is to set-up speakers further out in the room or at the opposite end of the room to be used just during the toasts, announcements and speeches.  We do this with a wireless transmission set-up so there are no unsightly and unsafe cords running through the room. We also use some trade secrets to make sure that the microphones are clearly understood. There will never be a “muffled” speech at any wedding we provide services for.

Do-It-Yourself Wedding System

Saving yourself some money by not hiring a DJ and just need to rent a sound system? We provide system rentals for weddings all the time. We can provide you with a system to hook your playback device(s) to that will sound better than the majority of wedding DJ systems we’ve encountered for a fraction of the price.  We deliver it, set it up, test it out with your devices and then return after your reception to tear it down and take it away.

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Wedding Package – Our best sounding Do-It-Yourself system!

This is a excellent sounding system that I’ve put together especially for weddings, but will make any party a success. This is quite simply the best sounding portable system you can rent locally for your wedding.


Most wedding DJs do not even own a system that sounds this good. If your wedding or party has more than 100 guests, this is the system you need.  It also takes up very little space and does not “look” loud, to squelch complaints from guests who “hear” with their eyes.

Mixer – Alto 4 channel mixer, very easy to operate

Speakers – (2) Yamaha DSR112 Powered speakers

Sub– (2) Yamaha DXS-12- Compact powered subs

Mics – (1) Sennheiser wireless Mic w/ e835 capsule (1) Sennheiser corded Mic

**Hook ups for up to (2) external devices for music playback: laptops, iPods, Mp3 players. CD player, etc.

**This system Includes delivery, set-up and removal at the end of your event.

Price for minimum 1-2 Day Rental – $320 plus $2.00 mile delivery/recover fee (calculated one-way only) from Mount Wolf Pa to your location. (717)318-7179

**Upgrade the subs in this system to Yorkville USC1Ps for just $25 more.


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