Systems /Services Available

In addition to renting our equipment, Scott is also available to inspect, test and optimize installed systems in churches, clubs, etc.

“Have me look your system over and see what I can do for you before you waste money on new equipment you might not need. Many poorly performing installed systems just need to be set up properly, are missing a key piece of equipment needed to bring them to life, or often times  have been oversized for the room (yes, having too many speakers can negatively effect sound quality).   Flat fee of only $35.00/hr for this service, since I usually can work it in during slow periods.”

Scott Olewiler – Owner

What Size Sound System Do You Need To Rent?

We can have systems for any audience size between 10 and 1000. Beyond that you’ll need to call someone else.  You can check out our pre-packaged systems here: PA Systems For Rent

We offer small sound systems for public speaking and announcements:  2 pole mounted speakers and a digital mixer w/ 1-5 microphones (our least expensive rental)

We can provide sound systems for festivals, corporate events, or any type of special function. We can specially tailor a system to your exact needs. We also can offer tons of free advice on what type of system you’ll need for your event.

We also offer full PA systems for live bands: Up to 7000 watt mains with sub-woofers, 1200-4000 watt stage monitor systems, all the microphones and stands you might need and an audio engineer to set it up and run it. We do up to 10 individual on stage monitor mixes or up to 10 personal in ear monitor sends ( you supply your own in ear system, of course, for hygienic reasons). FOH and monitor mixes are remote controlled from anywhere in the room using an Ipad . No clunky sound board interferes with your audience and everyone in the room gets the best mix possible.

We use proven equipment by Yorkville, Sennheiser, Mackie,Electro-Voice,Yamaha, and Carvin.

We are so confident that you can’t rent a better sound system for the same money that if you’re not happy with the quality of our equipment you don’t pay a dime!

What About In Between?

Not a problem. We have a wide variety of equipment that can be combined to assemble the exact sized system you need at a price you can afford. Simply contact us with your requirements and Scott will personally configure a system to meet your need.

Renting a sound system in York, Harrisburg and Lancaster has never been so easy.

Here’s a video clip of our “Band Special” system in action:

Just Mixing Services Also Available – Your Equipment, My Skills, Flat Fee of $35.00/hr (within 30 miles of York, additional travel expenses may apply beyond that)


Call or Text  Scott Today 717-318-7179