Sound Systems and DJ systems For Car Shows and Sporting Events

Car shows and sporting events are  a unique challenge for sound reinforcement. When you need to cover a large area with both appropriate music and very intelligible speech, a couple of speaker on stands is just not going to work.

At 4th Street Sound we take different approach.  The goal is to get even coverage all over the area so that all participants can hear all of the announcements and music clearly but avoid blasting out those that are located close to the sound systems.


Rain or shine we keep going!



We accomplish this by getting our speakers extremely high in the air. Our specialized heavy duty, safe and secured crank-up speaker stands can raise our speakers as much as 13 ft in the air.  By raising the speakers high in the air and properly angling and pointing them we can assured you of the most even sound coverage across your show area.  We will also customize the system we bring for your event.


We will bring as many speakers as needed to cover the area and appropriately place them, aim them  and level the volume for the most even coverage possible.





Each event is unique in the area that needs coverage, so one sound system will not necessarily fit all scenarios. We will create a budget based system to fulfill your needs

Need a DJ for your car show?

We have you covered there as well. Not only can we provide the proper sound system, we will gladly act as your DJs and announcers for the day too. Heck, if we’re going to be there setting up your system anyway, you might as well save few bucks and have us provide the music for the day as well.

Contact us today to get a specialized quote based on your unique event..




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