Rental Prices For Individual Items

Here is basic list of all the equipment and corresponding rental prices. There are three prices listed for each piece.The first is the daily rate, the second is a 2 day rate and the third is a weekly rate. Please contact us for other lengths of time.


If you need more than a few items, a packaged system will be much cheaper (call for rates). Delivery/Recover rate is $2.00/mile from zip code 17347 for all items. At this time, ALL equipment must be delivered, no customer pick up.

All “equipment only” rentals subject to 6% PA sales tax. Security deposit equal to total cost of rental required on all rentals.

FOH Speakers
-YorkVille U15P (powered) $85/$110/$255
-Yamaha DSR112 (powered) $70/$90/$210
-Carvin PM153 $50/$65/$150

-Yorkville UCS1P $70/$90/$210
-Yamaha DXS12 (powered sub) $60/$80/$180
-EV ZXA1 (compact powered subs) $40/$52/$120
Stage Monitors
-Yamaha DSR112 (powered) $70/$90/$210
-EV ELX112P (powered) $60/$80/$180
-CVi-122m passive (“traditional, horn on top) wedges $35/$45/$105

– x32 Producer (24 inputs; 40 inputs w/ rental of S16) $125/$163/$375
– S16 Stagebox(2 available) $40/$52/$120 each (includes 2′ Cat 5e cable)
– Pro Grade Cat 5E (40′ length) $15/$20/$45
– Pro Grade Cat 5E (100′ length) $30/$40/$90
-Mackie dl1608 Digital (include iPad and router) $100/$130/$300
-Carvin RX1200L $50/$65/$150
-Alto ZMX832 4 channel mixer $15/$20/$45

-Sennheiser e835 $15/$20/$45
-Shure SM57 $15/$20/$45
-Shure SM58 $15/$20/$45
-Sennheiser e609 Instrument mic $20/$25/$75
-Sennheiser Drum Mic Kit (4) mics: (1) e602 and (3) e604) $70/$90/$210
-Pyle-Pro PDKM7 Drum Mic Kit (7 economy mics, sound amazingly good for price) $30/$40/$90
-Sennheiser EW135 Wireless mic (e835 capsules) – $30/$40/$90
-Sennheiser XSW35A (e835 capsule) Wireless $20/$25/$75
-Sennheiser XSW Lapel Wireless $30/$40/$90

**Band Microphone Kit -(6) Sennheiser e835,(2) e609 instrument mics, (1) Senn. Drum Mic Kit (1) Sm57 . (2) Condensers $140/$182/$420

Power Amps
-QSC PLX3602 $50/$65/$150
-iNuke6000 $40/$52/$120
-EP4000 $40/$52/$120
Direct Boxes
-Mono $10/$13/$30
-Stereo $15/$20/$45
-Peavey USB to stereo XLR (used to hook up laptop properly) $15/$20/$45

Honda eu2000i Generator – Good for 1000 watts/13 Amps of clean sine wave power, enough to run my smaller systems.
– $30/$40/$90

(Pair)Global Truss ST132 stands -these stands go 13.2 ft in the air and can hold 220lbs each – $70/$90/$210


  • 12′ x 16′ x 16″ carpeted  stage platform with skirting  – $375 plus 2.00/mile delivery fee ($50 set up fee extra)
  • 12′ x 12′ x 16″  carpeted stage platform with skirting  – $280 plus 2.00/mile delivery fee ($50 set up fee extra)

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