PA Systems For Small Corporate Speaking Events

Providing sound reinforcement for speech only events creates a special set of challenges that do not exist with live music events and as such requires an audio team that has the necessary skill set to pull it off. 4th Street Sound has the knowledge and experience to make sure your speaking event goes off without a hitch.

Of course speaking only events are not just limited to the corporate world. The same services can be provided for any community event, social club, awards presentations or philanthropic organization.

It’s About The Presentation Not The PA System.

For speech only events one cannot simply set up a sound system at the front of the room, plug some microphones and go. The star of the show needs to be the people speaking and it is imperative that the sound system does not become a distraction to the audience. An overly boomy sound, or any sound reproduction that does not sound like natural speech will not only distract the listeners but can easily stress the listeners to the point where the ears will literally become fatigued and eventually start to tune everything out.

At 4th Street Sound we apply a series of techniques that incorporate digital filters and speaker deployment techniques to ensure that the entire listening area receives the most even and natural sounding speech possible. Ideally we like to think that everyone in the room is presented with an audio experience that closely matches what they would hear if the speaker was sitting across the table talking directly to them.

Instead of just placing speakers at the front of the room which become not only a visual distraction, but also by necessity would need to be too loud for those in the front of the room in order for the people in the back of the room to hear; we instead will place speakers along the walls at roughly 25 ft intervals.This ensures a more even volume level throughout the room. We then time align these speakers so that they sound like one coherent source.

Invisible Audio Engineers

The audience should always be focused on your presenters, not some guy working the mixing console. We strive to make our operators as invisible as possible to your audience members.

All of our mixing consoles are very small and can be placed very discretely in the room and out of the audiences direct field of vision. In addition, our controls can be 100% remotely controlly via an iPad from the back of the room, completely invisible to the majority of the people in the room.

In addition we will always try to place our speakers as inconspicuously as possible.

Basic Speech Only, Hidden Sound Board Package Starts At Just $295

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