New Packages Are Listed

We recently re-vamped our available package list as well as altered our pricing methods. Since we  have always customized systems/pricing on a per job basis we added more pre-packaged systems to select from and will quote prices based on your actual needs rather than force everyone into a few packaged systems.


This should make it easier for you to determine ahead of time what equipment you need before giving us a call and also gte you he fairest price possibel.  This is most helpful for bands who have fairly good idea of what they need.

We are still always available to consult on system selections and/or put together specialty packages.

A couple of changes:

  • We have reduced base prices and added distance charges to make pricing more accurate and specialize for each job. It cost a lot in gas to move this equipment.
  • Mixer – The Mackie DL1608 is now the mixer in every package.
  • More Options – I realized that the system configuration I use for my personal band was technically not listed, so I added that. It is actually the most popular configuration
  • Bigger mains for the larger system. We added the EV ETX 35Ps to our larger systems after much internal debate between them and the Carvin TRX2153A. The Carvin PM153s we’ve been using on our smaller system have been blowing people’s socks off, and the EV ELX112ps we’ve been using for monitors have also been stellar performers, so it was really tough choice with the EVs winning out in the end because of a few design considerations that we felt would make they more arrayable for future larger systems.
  • Lights are now available as an add on to any sound system due to an almost  100% request pattern. We are limiting them to be operated in some type of auto mode, but it’s way better than being in the dark.
  • Multi act shows now require paying for an extra stage hand. Our service is just as important as the sound to us and we can not properly do a multi-act show in a professional manner without at least 3 people on site.


Here is a link to that page: Sound Systems For Rent


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