Live Multi-Track Recordings

We now offer live multi-track recordings. You can now share the feel of your live show with studio quality recordings. Our services are as basic as recording your raw live tracks and handing them off to you to mix down on your home PC or as full service as recording your live show and delivering you fully mixed down stereo tracks.

Live Multi-Track Recording Services and Prices

Raw tracks Add-on  $75.00 – This is available at this price as an add-on to full sound system rental. We record individual raw tracks and then at the end of the night export them out to your external hard drive for you to mix them down in your favorite DAW such as Pro Tools or Reaper (free). Includes one track of your choiced mixed down for free.

Mixing and Raw Tracks $200 – For this service we simply replace your mixer with our x32 for the night, mix your show for you and record the raw tracks to be exported out at the end of the night. This is a great way of not only getting a great multitrack recording but to also experience our mixing expertise and the power of the digital age of mixing. Also includes one free mixed down track.

Mix Down Services

For those who do not have the time or confidence to mix down the recordings we offer two mix down service options. All final recordings will be returned to you as high quality .wav files on external thumbdrives to do with as you wish.

Basic Mix Down $40/song – This service consists of Scott mixing down and producing your individual tracks on his time and then handing you off the finished product. First track is done free as part of our recording service. This is an economy service that will give you a usable product, but not a high polished recording.

Here are some examples. These were recorded at a live show and mixed down from just that recording, no overdubs, etc.:


Live Show Mixdown $100 – This service consists of mixing down your entire show as one long “take”, much like recording a live show only with a studio polished feel. This involves setting up a high quality studio mix, then saving the entire show as one take and “live mixing” as it records. Quality will be similar to example above.

Co-Produced Mix Down $40/hr – Want to have full input into your final mix? This service consists of the final mix downs being done with Scott operating the console and up to two band members co-producing the mix. Since this is an hourly service you can take as much or as little time on each song as your budget allows. Paying by the hour also gives you the ability to do overdubs and record over mistakes.


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