May 27

Harrisburg ComicCon and the Pre-ComicCon

So we started off on April 21st with the pre ComicCon event at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. What a great time we had. Our job was simple, just provide a sound system for StereoTytans with the opening act being performances from the schools music group.

We were very impressed with the talent of the school players which set the tone for just a head ripping show from StereoTytans. The purpose of the event was to raise some money and get the word out about ComicCon, which took place on May 20 and 21.   The clients were extremely satisfied with the job we did, as so were we. The band was a pleasure to work with, which just left us even more excited about ComicCon.

Next was ComicCon, which took place in the empty Boscov’s store at the Harrisburg East Mall. Our duties there were a little more complicated. We first provided the sound for the Q&A panels with our special guests along with a live video feed on a big screen, so everyone could get an up  close look at the celebrity guests in attendance taking questions from the audience.

Saturday’s festivities ended with a live performance by StereoTytans along with the Cosplay contest. Then we were back in Sunday again for more Q&A panels with even more celebrity guests. The event was a huge success and from our vantage point our tech Gordon did an awesome job of satisfying the clients. We expect to be brought back next year and have already been asked if we can hold the date as soon as one is established.



May 07

Sound Systems and DJ systems For Car Shows and Sporting Events

Car shows and sporting events are  a unique challenge for sound reinforcement. When you need to cover a large area with both appropriate music and very intelligible speech, a couple of speaker on stands is just not going to work.

At 4th Street Sound we take different approach.  The goal is to get even coverage all over the area so that all participants can hear all of the announcements and music clearly but avoid blasting out those that are located close to the sound systems.


Rain or shine we keep going!



We accomplish this by getting our speakers extremely high in the air. Our specialized heavy duty, safe and secured crank-up speaker stands can raise our speakers as much as 13 ft in the air.  By raising the speakers high in the air and properly angling and pointing them we can assured you of the most even sound coverage across your show area.  We will also customize the system we bring for your event.


We will bring as many speakers as needed to cover the area and appropriately place them, aim them  and level the volume for the most even coverage possible.





Each event is unique in the area that needs coverage, so one sound system will not necessarily fit all scenarios. We will create a budget based system to fulfill your needs

Need a DJ for your car show?

We have you covered there as well. Not only can we provide the proper sound system, we will gladly act as your DJs and announcers for the day too. Heck, if we’re going to be there setting up your system anyway, you might as well save few bucks and have us provide the music for the day as well.

Contact us today to get a specialized quote based on your unique event..




Apr 09

Client List

Feel free to call any of our past clients and ask them how we did.
Recent Clients and artists include:

  • Harrisburg ComicCon
  • Brides and Grooms all over Central Pa, the list is too long.
  • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology w/ Stereotytans
  •  Rettew Motorsports – Monster Truck show
  •  National MS Society – George Hempt Polo Match
  •  The Dustbowl Revival
  •  Chris Smither at the Sunset Grill
  •  Front Porch Rockers
  •  Pitching For Patriots (Repeat client) -Bands included Disorderly Conduct, Rythmn Junkies, Sweet Ember, Headshot, Pieces Of Me, Donnie Wood and the Front Porch Pickers, Wild Hymns, Crazy Joe and Gus
  • The Jay Jackson Show (repeat customer)
  •  Aftermath
  •  Kasper
  •  The Jake Bartley Band
  •  Stomp’d (repeat customer)
  • 10 Gauge
  •  Traces of Eden
  • Artie Dean Harris (repeat customer)  -“Flying to Pennsylvania from Kentucky with my band’s backline & PA was not an option. The baggage fee’s alone would have been outrageous. I am so thankful that 4th St. Sound was there for the rescue! They bent over backwards to make sure each musician’s unique needs were accommodated. Their team of engineers are courteous, professional and prompt. Their equipment is top notch and they know how to use it! 4th St. Sound Rental is an overall first class operation!”
  • Lenny Kurlou
  • Victory Express
  •  Cross Keys Village(repeat customer)
  • Nothing Is Real –  (repeat customer)” Big thanks to Scott Olewiler…if you’re not in the know, he does some great sound work with 4th Street Sound Rental”
  • First Baptist Church of Lancaster
  • Antioch Assembly
  • Crawdad Stew –  (repeat customer) “I didn’t know we could sound that good” JR
  • Bass Akwards – (repeat customer)“Just wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job on the sound last night. Much appreciated. George  Bass Akwards. “
  • Roosevelt Dime ( repeat customer)- “Scott and his team at 4th Street Sound do an absolutely fantastic job. We inquired about their services for an event that we were playing on fairly short notice. Scott replied promptly with a wealth of information and various options, and we had the details worked out very quickly. On the day of the gig, he and his team arrived right on time and had the whole system unloaded and set up ahead of schedule, and all their gear was top notch. We had some tweaks to our stage plot and they were able to accommodate us, and they did a great job of getting our monitors set up just to our specifications and working with the venue to make sure the front of house sound was just right. As a six piece band with various acoustic instruments and horns, we’ve had some touchy sound situations in the past, but Scott provided us with an experience that was on par with any top tier theaters or festivals that we’ve ever played. I’d highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional and friendly team to run a sound system. ” Andrew Green, Roosevelt Dime
  • Gettysburg Rocks  (repeast customer)- (Multiple Band Event including Trailer Park Cowboys,Broken Buddha, Sons of Man, Devil in Meade,AS-1 and many more) “We’d like to use you again in August”
  • Green Limosine
Jan 26

Rental Prices For Individual Items

Here is basic list of all the equipment and corresponding rental prices. There are three prices listed for each piece.The first is the daily rate, the second is a 2 day rate and the third is a weekly rate. Please contact us for other lengths of time.


If you need more than a few items, a packaged system will be much cheaper (call for rates). Delivery/Recover rate is $2.00/mile from zip code 17347 for all items. At this time, ALL equipment must be delivered, no customer pick up.

All “equipment only” rentals subject to 6% PA sales tax. Security deposit equal to total cost of rental required on all rentals.

FOH Speakers
-YorkVille U15P (powered) $85/$110/$255 (4) avail.
-Yamaha DSR112 (powered) $70/$90/$210 (2) avail
-Carvin PM153 $50/$65/$150 (2) avail

-Yorkville UCS1P $70/$90/$210 (4) avail.
-Yamaha DXS12 (powered sub) $60/$80/$180 (2) avail
-EV ZXA1 (compact powered subs) $40/$52/$120 (2) avail

Stage Monitors
-Yamaha DSR112 (powered) $70/$90/$210 (2) avail
-EV ELX112P (powered) $60/$80/$180 (6) avail
-CVi-122m passive (“traditional, horn on top) wedges $35/$45/$105 (2) avail

– x32 Producer (24 inputs; 40 inputs w/ rental of S16) $125/$163/$375
– S16 Stagebox(2 available) $40/$52/$120 each (includes 2′ Cat 5e cable)
– Pro Grade Cat 5E (40′ length) $15/$20/$45
– Pro Grade Cat 5E (100′ length) $30/$40/$90
-Mackie dl1608 Digital (include iPad and router) $100/$130/$300
-Carvin RX1200L $50/$65/$150
-Alto ZMX832 4 channel mixer $15/$20/$45

-Sennheiser e835 $15/$20/$45 (9) avail
-Shure SM57 $15/$20/$45 (2) avail
-Shure SM58 $15/$20/$45 (4) avail
-Sennheiser e609 Instrument mic $20/$25/$75 (2) avail
-Sennheiser Drum Mic Kit (4) mics: (1) e602 and (3) e604) $70/$90/$210
-Pyle-Pro PDKM7 Drum Mic Kit (7 economy mics, sound amazingly good for price) $30/$40/$90
-Sennheiser EW135 Wireless mic (e835 capsules) – $30/$40/$90 (2) avail
-Sennheiser XSW35A (e835 capsule) Wireless $20/$25/$75 (1) avail
-Sennheiser XSW Lapel Wireless $30/$40/$90 (1) avail

**Band Microphone Kit -(6) Sennheiser e835,(2) e609 instrument mics, (1) Senn. Drum Mic Kit (1) Sm57 . (2) Condensers $140/$182/$420

Power Amps
-QSC PLX3602 $50/$65/$150
-iNuke6000 $40/$52/$120
-EP4000 $40/$52/$120

Direct Boxes
-Mono $10/$13/$30
-Stereo $15/$20/$45
-Peavey USB to stereo XLR (used to hook up laptop properly) $15/$20/$45

Honda eu2000i Generator – Good for 1000 watts/13 Amps of clean sine wave power, enough to run my smaller systems.
– $30/$40/$90

(Pair)Global Truss ST132 stands -these stands go 13.2 ft in the air and can hold 220lbs each – $70/$90/$210


  • 12′ x 16′ x 16″ carpeted  stage platform with skirting  – $375 plus 2.00/mile delivery fee ($50 set up fee extra)
  • 12′ x 12′ x 16″  carpeted stage platform with skirting  – $280 plus 2.00/mile delivery fee ($50 set up fee extra)
Dec 21

Brookside Building Dedication

4th Street Sound was proud to once again be selected as the sound provider for an event at Crosskeys Village Brethren Home. This time it was a dedication for a brand new building to house dementia patients. The modern layout was designed to help avoid confusion for those suffering from this debilitating illness with an open floor plan with no halls to confuse the patients. Instead of looking like a medical facility the new building is designed to look and feel like a home and to encourage familiarity with the surroundings.

The event was Invitation Only and the house was packed for the ribbon cutting ceremony.



Nov 29

Live Multi-Track Recordings

We now offer live multi-track recordings. You can now share the feel of your live show with studio quality recordings. Our services are as basic as recording your raw live tracks and handing them off to you to mix down on your home PC or as full service as recording your live show and delivering you fully mixed down stereo tracks.

Live Multi-Track Recording Services and Prices

Raw tracks Add-on  $75.00 – This is available at this price as an add-on to full sound system rental. We record individual raw tracks and then at the end of the night export them out to your external hard drive for you to mix them down in your favorite DAW such as Pro Tools or Reaper (free). Includes one track of your choiced mixed down for free.

Mixing and Raw Tracks $200 – For this service we simply replace your mixer with our x32 for the night, mix your show for you and record the raw tracks to be exported out at the end of the night. This is a great way of not only getting a great multitrack recording but to also experience our mixing expertise and the power of the digital age of mixing. Also includes one free mixed down track.

Mix Down Services

For those who do not have the time or confidence to mix down the recordings we offer two mix down service options. All final recordings will be returned to you as high quality .wav files on external thumbdrives to do with as you wish.

Basic Mix Down $40/song – This service consists of Scott mixing down and producing your individual tracks on his time and then handing you off the finished product. First track is done free as part of our recording service. This is an economy service that will give you a usable product, but not a high polished recording.

Here are some examples. These were recorded at a live show and mixed down from just that recording, no overdubs, etc.:


Live Show Mixdown $100 – This service consists of mixing down your entire show as one long “take”, much like recording a live show only with a studio polished feel. This involves setting up a high quality studio mix, then saving the entire show as one take and “live mixing” as it records. Quality will be similar to example above.

Co-Produced Mix Down $40/hr – Want to have full input into your final mix? This service consists of the final mix downs being done with Scott operating the console and up to two band members co-producing the mix. Since this is an hourly service you can take as much or as little time on each song as your budget allows. Paying by the hour also gives you the ability to do overdubs and record over mistakes.


Sep 04

Lighting Packages

We are so grateful to now be able to offer lighting packages with our sound system rentals.

Really Really Really Basic Package – (4) Blizzard HOT BOX 5 RGBAW with a controller running in auto or sound activated mode.  Enough light to light up 24 x 12 stage. Works when you really just want to put some light on the stage that doesn’t look cheesy. – $75.00 as an add on to a complete sound system rental w. audio tech, or  $100 to rent just the lights.


DJ Lighting Available

Looking for little more of that ‘Club Feel”?  We offer you the GigBar IRC

This is a multi effect light bar that comes with a footswitch and a remote control. allowing you to create any mood with your lights on the fly. perfect companion to our wedding Package DIY DJ sound system rental.

$75.00 as an add on to a complete sound system rental or  $100 to rent just the lights.

GIGBar_ chauvet-dj_gigbar-irc_effect-3


Live Band Combo Lighting Package

We use the Blizzard lights for front lighting and the GigBar as back Lighting.

Simple complete affordable lighting package for just $150


Example pic to show the setup, obviously lights are not on yet.


For those of you looking for some real lighting packages you are not limited to these small lighting packages, Custom lighting packages can be put together to meet your needs.




May 14

Why We Don’t Rent Line Arrays

Want to rent a line array? Are you sure? Our ground stacked Yorkville Unity rig sounds better than the “faux” line arrays you’ve been hearing. Don’t be fooled by marketing hype and what you see other providers using. 2-4 per side of VRX or HDA “array” type speakers will not come close to the clarity of what we can provide for less money.

Line arrays are the latest “cool toy” in sound and seem to have become standard for most applications. They are very expensive and look cool but in 90% of the applications they are used for they are either the wrong tool for the job or at the very least, not the best tool. As a sound provider or even as a client you have to ask yourself which is more important: having speakers that look cool, or having the best sound possible.

Given the size of the events we typically do, we are not in the same market as those who fly true line arrays, however for a lot of the events we do, other providers will suggest 2-5 line array elements stacked on some subs. We have heard these systems in our frequent field research trips “in the wild” and came to the conclusion that the small ground stacked line array is not something we want to invest in because it offers no value to our clients.

The advantage to line arrays is that you can produce at more constant level across the audience assuming they are correctly deployed. This works because the volume drops off at half the rate over distance of a standard “point source’ box. This effect is a result of the line array boxes interfering with each other; something you normally do not want because it reduces your volume at the source and requires you to have to put out a whole lot more power into each speaker in order to collectively end up with the same total volume.

What you hear with a line array is the sound of all the boxes smearing together in order to produce a single sound at a more consistent volume. The problem is that deliberate smearing means you have to sacrifice clarity and use 6 to 12xs as much power to achieve the same volume and coverage area as you need with traditional clearer sounding speaker boxes. I can put up (2) $2500 boxes on each side of my stage and achieve the exact same coverage and volume as you will get with (6) to (10) $2500 line array elements on each side of the stage. And it almost all situations, my speakers will sound better.

Guess which one is going to cost you a whole lot more money to rent?

A couple of things to consider:

1. Constant curvature speaker systems are not line arrays. They are basically point source speakers sitting sideways on top of each other with a very narrow vertical coverage area until you stack 4-6 high. They do not function as line arrays (thankfully) nor provide much benefit over a good point source system unless you use a lot of them (more than 2 per side) which can be expensive for both the provider and the client or if you need a very narrow vertical coverage area. Sometimes this can be beneficial. Overall they are less flexible than a good point source box but still a better solution than a line array in most situations.

2. 4-6 line array boxes on top of some subs or even hanging will not function as a true line array. In most cases, they will sound worse than a good trap box. In this case you can have a system that looks cool but simply does not sound as good as it could. I would, however, use 3-4 constant curvature boxes before I’d  use 6 line array boxes.

3. To get a true line array effect most hangs have to be 10-15 ft long. This requires expensive rigging and even after you have paid all the additional costs, the end result will probably not sound any better than a properly deployed point source system.

4. The majority of smaller sound companies that use line arrays only do so because their clients insist they do. They do not use them because they sound better. Because, most of the time, they do not. They do, however, require a lot more expense to use and therefore they need to charge you, the client, a lot more $$$  to provide a line array than a point source system that sounds just as good.

5. A properly deployed line array can sound fantastic, but it is not the right system for every job, not even the big ones and will not sound any better than a properly deployed point source system. Unfortunately in most real life scenarios we have encountered line arrays do not sound better, but in fact sound worse than the standard trap box that could have been used for the show.

6. Given a limited amount of money to work with, a sound provider can always purchase a better sounding point source system than line array system. Line arrays require special rigging, higher cost to insure against for liability and that additional cost gets passed on to the customer who simply does not get a better sounding system for his money.

7. Line arrays require special system tuning no matter how well they are engineered.  There is a much greater chance that a system tech will get this wrong rather than correct. A properly designed point source box can basically just be aimed properly and it will perform as expected.

Our goal at 4th Street Sound is to provide our customers the best possible sound for their money. We simply do not feel, given all we know about line arrays, that they are the correct tool for the majority of jobs we are asked to do. If you’re looking at our services right now, we feel you will be better served with a point source solution, even if that means we have to invest into more capable point source options down the road  to meet your needs.


PA Systems For Small Corporate Speaking Events


Providing sound reinforcement for speech only events creates a special set of challenges that do not exist with live music events and as such requires an audio team that has the necessary skill set to pull it off. 4th Street Sound has the knowledge and experience to make sure your speaking event goes off without a hitch.

Of course speaking only events are not just limited to the corporate world. The same services can be provided for any community event, social club, awards presentations or philanthropic organization.

It’s About The Presentation Not The PA System.

For speech only events one cannot simply set up a sound system at the front of the room, plug some microphones and go. The star of the show needs to be the people speaking and it is imperative that the sound system does not become a distraction to the audience. An overly boomy sound, or any sound reproduction that does not sound like natural speech will not only distract the listeners but can easily stress the listeners to the point where the ears will literally become fatigued and eventually start to tune everything out.

At 4th Street Sound we apply a series of techniques that incorporate digital filters and speaker deployment techniques to ensure that the entire listening area receives the most even and natural sounding speech possible. Ideally we like to think that everyone in the room is presented with an audio experience that closely matches what they would hear if the speaker was sitting across the table talking directly to them.

Instead of just placing speakers at the front of the room which become not only a visual distraction, but also by necessity would need to be too loud for those in the front of the room in order for the people in the back of the room to hear; we instead will place speakers along the walls at roughly 25 ft intervals.This ensures a more even volume level throughout the room. We then time align these speakers so that they sound like one coherent source.

Invisible Audio Engineers

The audience should always be focused on your presenters, not some guy working the mixing console. We strive to make our operators as invisible as possible to your audience members.

All of our mixing consoles are very small and can be placed very discretely in the room and out of the audiences direct field of vision. In addition, our controls can be 100% remotely controlly via an iPad from the back of the room, completely invisible to the majority of the people in the room.

In addition we will always try to place our speakers as inconspicuously as possible.

Basic Speech Only, Hidden Sound Board Package Starts At Just $295

Nov 08

Where’s the rack? How do you mix?

I imagine a lot of people visit our website expecting to see much more equipment than we show in our photos. They are used to going to a show and the sound guy is taking up a bunch of space in the audience area with a big board and a huge rack full of gear. Having the latest technology in our hands means that we no longer have to do that. In fact we don’t even need to set up a mixer at all in the audience. Every control on  our board; every knob and slider; can be controlled remotely through one of our iPads.

We can literally leave all of our equipment on the stage and can stand or sit any place in the room and mix the show. In fact, all of our mixing equipment fits in a small rack.

Allow me to illustrate with some photos:

You might be expecting to see this:

dbxdriverack rack mixer

But all we show up with is this:

DL1608_FrontSlant iPad dbxdriverack


Allow me to explain how we can properly mix you with so little equipment. The secret is the mixer itself: all the equipment you normally see in the racks is all contained inside of that little mixer. So much, that you would need to use 68 rack spaces if you were using traditional analogue equipment. Welcome to the digital age!

To make it even more understandable let me show you, in photos what you would have to buy to have all of the proceesing abilities of this little mixer. You would need to buy every piece of equipment below to equal what’s in the Mackie dl1608:


So to answer the question of where’s the rack? It’s ALL in here:  DL1608_FrontSlant